Maths is in the Genes…

Myth busting is something I love to do with my students, that moment where they realise that they are not constrained by a myth is great…a true ah-ha moment. But my time is limited and I can’t have everyone as my students, so here is the start of my myth busting series. Why am IContinue reading “Maths is in the Genes…”

What is Maths Journaling?

I have mentioned many times in blogs that maths anxiety can be reduced by journaling, but I have never really got into the nitty gritty of what a maths journal is. For me the whole process starts by choosing a book. I love my slate grey journal, with dotty paper. The pages are off white,Continue reading “What is Maths Journaling?”

Maths and ASD

A popular misconception is that everyone with ASD is excellent at maths and science. A 2013 study supports this idea by suggesting that children with ASD may have some cognitive strengths that boost their mathematical ability. Typically, those with ASD, use parts of the brain to solve maths problems that their peers don’t often use.Continue reading “Maths and ASD”