Group Learning: Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning

Group learning is an effective method of learning that is often overlooked for exam purposes. We regularly think that the best preparation is through dedicated individual study or 1:1 sessions. This post talks about the potential to thrive in a group environment when preparing for examinations, particularly those that require new knowledge and skill development.Continue reading “Group Learning: Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning”

Groups vs 1:1 Sessions

Making the decision of how best to help and support your child is always a tricky one, they often surprise us with their reactions and responses to things we thought weren’t for them. This week’s post is to give you pros and cons to online group tuition and online 1:1 tuition to help you makeContinue reading “Groups vs 1:1 Sessions”

Resources: Genius vs Cheating

Have you ever spent time searching for the perfect resource to help your child with their learning, only for them to say ‘I can’t use that, it’s cheating?’ I have, more times than I care to remember, often after creating the perfect resource just for them! It is frustrating, why do they think like that?Continue reading “Resources: Genius vs Cheating”

Explore Maths: Explore Resources

What is a resource? We talk about resources all the time, how useful they are and how they impact upon learning, but we don’t actually talk about what they are! Are they books? Are they worksheets? Are they games? Are they blocks? Truth is, resources are whatever you and most importantly your child needs themContinue reading “Explore Maths: Explore Resources”

Maths and ASD

A popular misconception is that everyone with ASD is excellent at maths and science. A 2013 study supports this idea by suggesting that children with ASD may have some cognitive strengths that boost their mathematical ability. Typically, those with ASD, use parts of the brain to solve maths problems that their peers don’t often use.Continue reading “Maths and ASD”

The Truth Behind Maths Anxiety

‘I can’t do it’ For many children just the mention of maths fills them with dread, anger and even fear! Why does this happen? What does this mean for our children? A 2019 Cambridge study stated that 1 in 10 children have Maths Anxiety, that is at least 3 children in the average sized classroomContinue reading “The Truth Behind Maths Anxiety”