Hello I’m Ceri and I do all the tutoring at EnGage Education.

I am a fully qualified teacher who left the hustle and bustle of the classroom to devote the extra time, some children need in order to thrive with Maths. People often say that they are ‘No good at maths’ or that ‘Maths isn’t their thing’. I am a firm believer that there is a mathematician inside every single one of us…it just needs to be released.

I aim to do that but teaching the fundamental elements of Maths, in a clear and concise way. I bring as much practicality and fun to my lessons as possible. Sharing hints and tips along the way to unlock that mathematician inside your child.

Maths hasn’t always been easy for me. It was something that I had to work really hard for in secondary school, despite loving the subject. One teacher unlocked my inner mathematician and I have let it run free ever since!

What can I do for your child?

Boost their confidence with Maths.

Improve their problem solving

Develop their mathematical skills

Help them get to where they want to be