Online Learning…My Approach

I have lost count of the times I have been told that online learning has a negative impact, or simply isn’t possible for children to learn from. Like any lesson, it is only as good as the methods used by the teacher. Poor teaching will always lead to a poor outcome, regardless if it conducted face to face or online. So what if I told you, online learning can work for everyone, just like learning in the classroom can.

With EnGage Education online learning isn’t a never ending Zoom call where your child is talked at for an hour. You don’t have to print out endless worksheets to print either. It certainly isn’t a pre-recorded lesson which is sent to all my students either.

So what exactly is it?

It is a fully interactive lesson. Sessions are fun and engaging, with a range of learning approaches used every week. More importantly than that, the activities are tailored to what works for your child, building their confidence and their maths skills all at the same time. our activities include:

  • Matching Pairs- Students love this activity, particularly when we are introducing a new topic. It feel comfortable and familiar, easing them into their new learning. We can also add a timer to the game, as their confidence increases, they are able to attempt to beat the clock and their own scores. This is great for ensuring they have really embedded the learning and it has become a skill.
  • The Quiz- These are great for exploring their knowledge and encouraging children to apply their new skills in a critical manner. They are also amazing when preparing for tests such SATs, 11+ and GCSE’s, as they provide a similar format to exam questions and can be timed to prepare for exam conditions. The best bit- I get instant insight into how your child is doing, allowing me to pin point misconceptions or delve deeper into the learning.
  • Drawing Tools- this is a student favourite as they are able to draw over the entire slide to demonstrate their thinking or work out an answer. Drawing tools truly allow your child to explore the maths that is in front of them. I can see all their drawings and ensure their thinking is on track, providing guidance if needed. This tool is fantastic for demonstrating the depth of their understanding, showing me that they have mastered a skill.
  • Puzzles- I love a puzzle and so do many of my students. Bet you didn’t think they would appear in an online lesson though? They absolutely do. By presenting the learning in a different way they encourage and develop critical thinking skills. This is essential in growing confidence in a child as it helps them to question the maths. The more comfortable they are with doing this, the more they will ask questions, challenge ideas and seek support in their learning.
  • Time to Climb- your child will take part in a mission to reach the top of the hill in this interactive game. Students love this game, often wanting me to join in with them! This mission ensures they are mastering the skill, presenting the content in a more interesting manner. Their confidence soars as they beat their scores and even more so when they beat me!

Online learning does not mean a boring lecture, it does not mean no interaction and it certainly does not mean no fun! With EnGage Education is does mean confidence building. It does mean critical thinking. It does mean developing maths skills.

In fact, it means releasing your child’s inner mathematician!

Just like classroom teaching requires training, pedagogical practice and patience, so does online learning. I pride myself on using the best available technology to support the development of all my students. Your child could be the next to join the online learning revolution!

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