Maths is in the Genes…

Myth busting is something I love to do with my students, that moment where they realise that they are not constrained by a myth is great…a true ah-ha moment. But my time is limited and I can’t have everyone as my students, so here is the start of my myth busting series. Why am IContinue reading “Maths is in the Genes…”

What is Maths Journaling?

I have mentioned many times in blogs that maths anxiety can be reduced by journaling, but I have never really got into the nitty gritty of what a maths journal is. For me the whole process starts by choosing a book. I love my slate grey journal, with dotty paper. The pages are off white,Continue reading “What is Maths Journaling?”

Let’s Talk About Maths: The importance of maths language

Maths has a language all of its own, sometimes it feels more overwhelming than the process of the maths itself. Let’s explore maths language, how we use it, why we use it and most importantly how you can boost your child’s knowledge of it. Galileo once said that ‘Maths is the language the universe wasContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Maths: The importance of maths language”

Active, Dynamic, Creative-The World of Online Learning

When I first started teaching online, I was convinced my lessons would be stale and boring. How could I bring all the hands-on activities into an environment where I am sometimes hundreds of miles away from my students? This troubled me for a long time, it even delayed me making the leap into tuition! IContinue reading “Active, Dynamic, Creative-The World of Online Learning”

Maths isn’t all about numbers!

Why is maths so confusing? I have been asked this question so many times in the past month I thought I would blog about it. Maths itself isn’t what confuses us. The processes and methods that we are taught can be confusing, maybe because the method is new, relies on other knowledge being in placeContinue reading “Maths isn’t all about numbers!”

Maths and Dyscalculia

Compared to many neurodiversity’s, dyscalculia is in its infancy. There is evidence to suggest that around 5% of the UK population are living with dyscalculia, many of whom are unaware. Due to the infancy, dyscalculia is very rarely discussed and diagnostic testing is difficult to come by. This blog will break down dyscalculia in anContinue reading “Maths and Dyscalculia”

Back to School…2021 style!

I think it is fair to say that most of us are happy to have said goodbye to 2020. It was certainly an unusual year, it forced us into recreating our whole worlds, change the way we work, learn and even teach. Masks became the must have item of the year, as a result becomingContinue reading “Back to School…2021 style!”

Times Table Troubles

‘How can you help my child with their times tables?‘ This is probably the most common question I am asked from a lesson content point of view. We all know the stress that can be involved in learning those times tables and with the Multiplication Checker Test being introduced and rolled to children in YearContinue reading “Times Table Troubles”