Money, Money, Money

Is the cheapest always the best?

I’m sure many of you wonder how tutors set their prices. I know it’s a question that I asked when I was setting my own prices. I was bowled over by how varied the prices were and I didn’t know where to start.

I wanted to be affordable. So I decided on my prices based on the value of my teaching experience and my session planning. Every lesson is planned specifically for your child. I select the activities that your child learns best from, topics they need to cover and methods that they can follow and adopt in their classroom or home learning. Even my imagery reflects the individual interests of your child to ensure that personal touch. This all means that each lesson takes around an hour to plan and create, before then teaching your child for an hour.

Some people charge much less than you!

Group learning can take the focus away from the needs of your child.

I have been told a few times now that other tutors charge less than me. I can’t answer for them and how they determined their pricing. However, I do know that lower prices often mean group session, meaning your child is not the focus of the lesson and as such the lesson is not tailored specifically for them. Lower prices can also mean that the tutor is not a qualified teacher, instead a student that has done well in their own exams. They personal success does guarantee their ability to teach your child, in order for them to achieve the same.

How am I different?

The biggest difference between me and other them, is not my price. It is my teaching knowledge, experience, methods I use to explain a topic and the way I deliver my lessons. It my focus on the needs of your child and ensuring I do everything I can to equip them to succeed. I am able to boost the confidence of your child and release their inner mathematician.

We always ask our children to do their best and my best is what they will always have in my lessons.

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