Maths Anxiety…An Update

I have been touched by how many of you have maths anxious children and were in need of some support. Our Free Guide has been very popular, with downloads occurring each week, more so since lockdown began once again.

It struck me how many people live with maths anxiety, children and adults. I then realised that a safe place was needed to be able to share these experiences, seek advice, hints and tips. I cannot image how difficult home school must be; especially if you are anxious around numbers yourself. If your child is maths anxious, maths lessons and worksheets will likely have become a battleground in your home, which is not benefitting anyone.

As a result of this EnGage Education has setup a dedicated Facebook group for parents just like you. Those with their own maths anxiety or with maths anxious children. It is a private group, designed to allow you all to support each other. The group will be run by me, with suggestions and group lives happening regularly, to support you and your children. This group is for life not just for lockdown, so support won’t suddenly disappear. I will also be offering two, 30-minute Zoom calls per week, where you can discuss your family situation and gain some strategies to implement. This service will be free of charge.

You can find the group here, with a warm welcome waiting for you when you arrive.

You can download the Free Maths Anxiety Guide here

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