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What a week last wee was! I taught time to quadratic equations and all that’s in between, it has been an amazingly varied week.

My students have been as awesome as ever, the end of term always highlights just how amazing they are. Many schools have reports, awards and the dreaded tests. This terms so many of my students have had weekly awards for their efforts in school, not to mention half termly and termly awards. I have seen students with competition success, exam success and I have given out Bronze Resilience awards! My students have stuck with those areas of maths they find hardest, worked through their reasoning questions and found methods that work for them. I even have a student who has created their own beautiful set of revision notes, but most importantly, all my students have a new-found, soaring confidence. I am so proud of each and every one of you.

It’s not just my students who have been undertaking challenges! I have been busy with them too. I’m developing a community for parents with children living with maths anxiety to share their experiences and gain some hints and tips into how to support their children. I am passionate about maths, but, I am most passionate about maths being accessible to everyone! So I took the plunge…I’ve even gone live in the group! Feel free to join the community and start supporting your child and their journey to conquering maths.

The biggest mountain I climbed this week wasn’t the one near my house (though I did climb it) instead it was the monthly admin-namely the dreaded Easter Holiday lesson timetable! I should be sponsored by Post-It notes the number of them that I have gone through…but the timetable is sorted and already in action!

I’m excited for this week’s teaching and learning, I have a great week with more quadratic equations, mastering the time and even maths mysteries. I’m also going to be supporting my students through their school holiday homework, which is always so varied.

I’ll update you all again next week


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