Spring has Sprung

The changing of the clocks may have cost me an hours precious sleep, but, it did bring with it some much needed sunshine. It was lovely to finish teaching each evening and still have some daylight left.

A beautiful local sunset, perfect end to a day.

This weekend I have even managed some time out in the garden, repotting some plants. This got me thinking, gardening is a good mathematical output, but looks absolutely nothing like maths. There are no real numbers to contend with, but, you can do so much. Where to the plants need to go to meet their growing needs? This is a sorting and problem solving exercise that you are using your mathematical skills for. How much soil do I need to fill my flower pot? I could use numbers for this, in fact I do, but, for those that find maths daunting, they are using their estimating skills. This is again a mathematical skill. When the task becomes second nature, or instinctive, then the numbers can be slowly introduced, practical maths is nearly always less anxiety inducing!

This week has been great and my students have continued to work exceptionally hard. The greatest challenge of the week was explaining to a student how to use a protractor…not that difficult I hear you say…then add in that it was via Zoom, with no visualiser to demonstrate. Cue a quick Google search, where of course there is a digital version. Some quick thinking from me and some amazing problem solving skills from my student, meant the protractor use was a success and the question answered. My students regularly amaze me, not that long ago, this student would have given up at the sight of the question…what a journey, so much resilience and determination on show!

The school holidays have meant a few students taking some much needed time off, so I have had some extra time on my hands. Instead of relaxing in the new found sunshine, I have been organising my mountains of resources. I have taught fractions a lot lately so that became my starting point and quite quickly sorting became an exciting new project! Next week, I might just give you a behind the scenes sneak peek been as the first few pages are ready…in draft form.

I hope you all have had a relaxing and safe Easter weekend.


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