Robots, Mindset and More

What a week it has been, reduced teaching for the holidays has meant increased creativity for resources and projects.

A sneak peek at the fractions booklet!

Last week I hinted at a fractions project that I am undertaking, this week I have advanced from planning stages to writing stages. I have spoken to many of my students to get their input and feedback, they are my audience after all! Students can be so blunt, but so helpful! They have suggested names, designed me some characters and even had their say in the style of book. I’m currently designing two, I can’t decide between character led, with missions and workplaces or guide style, with separate working elements. I am leaning towards character led as I feel this is more accessible for students who may be anxious about maths. I do have a selection of images to share, so you can see how work is progressing.

This week’s teaching has been great, seeing some of my students dive into tasks that I know they wouldn’t have attempted a month ago is by far the most rewarding element of my job. When you watch them realise that they can do it, it is a truly beautiful moment, even more so when their newfound confidence is referred to in their school reports! Summer Term is always a favourite of mine, students really start to blossom, and maths language develops beautifully. This paves the way to exploring maths and engaging maths in a more experiential manner. Look out for the designing of zoos, theme parks, beach towels and more over the coming weeks.

I have also entered the world of the IGCSE this week, considering specifications and teaching opportunities for groups and individual sessions. This is an exciting new venture for me, I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me and the journeys to be made with students. If this is something you are interested in, the waitlist is open for creating groups and conversations are welcomed, as ever I can be contacted here or via email-

During the coming week Mindset guidance is happening in the Maths Anxiety: Conquering Numbers- Guiding parents of maths anxious children community. I am really excited to be supporting so many families with their journey to releasing their inner mathematician. It’s never too late to join.

Have a great week, good luck to those going back to school this week! Enjoy Summer Term!

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