Back to School…2021 style!

I think it is fair to say that most of us are happy to have said goodbye to 2020. It was certainly an unusual year, it forced us into recreating our whole worlds, change the way we work, learn and even teach. Masks became the must have item of the year, as a result becomingContinue reading “Back to School…2021 style!”

The Truth Behind Maths Anxiety

‘I can’t do it’ For many children just the mention of maths fills them with dread, anger and even fear! Why does this happen? What does this mean for our children? A 2019 Cambridge study stated that 1 in 10 children have Maths Anxiety, that is at least 3 children in the average sized classroomContinue reading “The Truth Behind Maths Anxiety”

Times Table Troubles

‘How can you help my child with their times tables?‘ This is probably the most common question I am asked from a lesson content point of view. We all know the stress that can be involved in learning those times tables and with the Multiplication Checker Test being introduced and rolled to children in YearContinue reading “Times Table Troubles”