Explore Maths: Explore Resources

What is a resource? We talk about resources all the time, how useful they are and how they impact upon learning, but we don’t actually talk about what they are! Are they books? Are they worksheets? Are they games? Are they blocks? Truth is, resources are whatever you and most importantly your child needs themContinue reading “Explore Maths: Explore Resources”

Maths isn’t all about numbers!

Why is maths so confusing? I have been asked this question so many times in the past month I thought I would blog about it. Maths itself isn’t what confuses us. The processes and methods that we are taught can be confusing, maybe because the method is new, relies on other knowledge being in placeContinue reading “Maths isn’t all about numbers!”

Maths and Dyscalculia

Compared to many neurodiversity’s, dyscalculia is in its infancy. There is evidence to suggest that around 5% of the UK population are living with dyscalculia, many of whom are unaware. Due to the infancy, dyscalculia is very rarely discussed and diagnostic testing is difficult to come by. This blog will break down dyscalculia in anContinue reading “Maths and Dyscalculia”

Maths and ASD

A popular misconception is that everyone with ASD is excellent at maths and science. A 2013 study supports this idea by suggesting that children with ASD may have some cognitive strengths that boost their mathematical ability. Typically, those with ASD, use parts of the brain to solve maths problems that their peers don’t often use.Continue reading “Maths and ASD”

Maths Anxiety…An Update

I have been touched by how many of you have maths anxious children and were in need of some support. Our Free Guide has been very popular, with downloads occurring each week, more so since lockdown began once again. It struck me how many people live with maths anxiety, children and adults. I then realisedContinue reading “Maths Anxiety…An Update”